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About Us

Mr. Plumber is a family owned Plumbing Contractor small business established in 1978 founded by the late Oscar Taylor. While he was the first African American in three states to earn his plumber's license, he settled in the last of these three states which was Colorado. From 1956 until his passing in 1990 he performed plumbing throughout the greater Denver metro area. He was well known throughout the community for excellent work and his note-worthy integrity. A friendly, honest, and most reasonable person; these attributes along with his plumbing skills made him the perfect plumber! It was common for people to recommend to a friend, "Call Oscar, he can fix it".  For some unknown reason people would  forget his name and would call out to him, "Mr. Plumber!" and thus became his memorable name. Mr. Plumber is a two generation owned and operated business. Grandson Jeff Butler was taken under his grandfather's wing as a child and taught not only the plumbing trade but also the "be fair to people" principle that allowed his grandfather to stay in business for so long. 
Mr. Plumber is now operated by grandson Jeff Butler, a Colorado State Licensed Master Plumber of 22 years! 
Jeff has been the operator of Mr. Plumber since 1988, performing service plumbing, remodels, and additions until 1995. In February 1995 he began doing plumbing on custom homes. The word quickly spread about his talent as a plumber and soon he was working for six different home builders. He did this specific work until mid 2009 when the housing market  crashed and home building hit an all time low. In the fourteen years of doing plumbing on custom homes Jeff completed well over one hundred homes for some of Denver's Premier Home Builders. His expertise covers a wide range of plumbing from big to small. If you have a small leak or sizeable project Mr. Plumber can do it! When you call Mr. Plumber you know who's going to serve you. You will receive prompt, courteous, professional service at a reasonable and competitive price. You should call Mr. Plumber where you and your plumbing needs actually matter. Read the testimonials of some of our very satisfied customers, view some photos of our work in the gallery and give us a try. Our plumbing knowledge and skills won't cost you an arm and a leg! 

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